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Strange Beginnings

In the tempestuous world of the spirits industry, the tale of Strangeways Cocktail Mixers unfolds like an epic saga, steeped in tragedy, resilience, and a touch of alchemy. Cast your mind back to the calamitous year of 2012, when Hurricane Sandy mercilessly pounded the shores of New York City, tearing through the nascent Evelyn Drinkery. As the waters rose, engulfing the bar and its inventory, hope ebbed away for the determined proprietors.

Yet, as the shadows lengthened, a flicker of inspiration lit the gloom. With fruit spoiling and the weight of loss heavy upon their shoulders, the Strangeways team shed a tear or two before rolling up their sleeves and embracing the art of the alchemist. The lemon of life's bitterness was transformed, quite literally, into a sublime lemon cordial, fashioned from the rapidly deteriorating stock. From the ashes of despair, the alchemists of the bar conjured a glimmering phoenix of opportunity.

Now, several years removed from those trying times, Strangeways Cocktail Mixers has blossomed into a flourishing enterprise. Its products not only provide patrons with an endless array of concoctions but also serve as a lifeline for bars and restaurants, mitigating spoilage and waste. By bottling fresh ingredients, Strangeways offers establishments a chance to preserve taste and quality without compromise.

Thus, the story of Strangeways, born from the depths of misfortune, serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its creators. In the face of adversity, they forged a path both beautiful and strange.