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This beauty is special in so many ways and is the third addition of the core four. 

Yes, bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, you can finally be elated about crafting those mint cocktails you once cringed at creating. Strangeways Mint Cordial eliminates the fussy mess from your Mojitos and more, allowing you to approach those staples swiftly with grace and ease. Pairs well with tropical fruits, berries, stone fruits, and all your favorite spirits.

Cocktails -

Mojito, Southside, Eastside, Old Cuban, Whiskey Smash (all the smashes, actually), and whatever else you feel like minting.

Strangeways Mint Cordial uses only 100% all-natural fresh pressed juice, bottled within 24 hours of juicing and combined with other natural ingredients for perfectly balanced cocktails.

Ingredients - 

lime juice, lemon juice, organic spearmint, cane sugar, green cardamom, pink and white pepper, coriander, Himalayan salt

12 servings per bottle (if you have it our way)


Everyday nutrition facts for the calorie counter and health nerd: 

Per Serving -

11g of sugar (including natural sugars), 45g calories, 13g carbohydrates

Botanical Health Properties:

Spearmint is commonly used to help relieve symptoms of indigestion, nausea, vomiting and gas. It is also high in antioxidants and may aid in female hormonal imbalances, improves memory, fight bacterial infections, lowers blood sugar, reduces stress, improves arthritis pain, and lowers blood pressure.

Cardamom has antioxidant as well as diuretic properties, lowers blood pressure, is an anti-inflammatory, improves digestive problems, aids in liver protection, is an antibacterial, and more.

White Pepper is an anti-inflammatory that promotes healthy gut and appetite, enhances the immune system, purifies the body from harmful toxins, promotes circulation, protects from various cardiovascular diseases as well as cancers.

Pink Pepper is diuretic, antiseptic, and has disinfectant properties that aid in the fight of rheumatism, menstrual spasm, bronchitis, urinary system infection.

Coriander has immune boosting antioxidants and may benefit: heart health, brain health, digestion and gut health, and lowers blood sugar.

Himalayan Salt improves respiratory diseases, balances your body's pH, reduces signs of aging, improves sleep quality, regulates blood sugar, and increases libido.